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Lure coursing equipment is that which is used to create an artificial or mechanical lure (often referred to as "the bunny") which can travel at speeds in excess of 50 mph. The artificial lure is pursued by any animal or bird that possesses a strong prey instinct.

The modern day version of this type of equipment was conceived (in the US around 1971) and developed by various sighthound enthusiasts for the purpose of testing their dogs instinct and physical abilities in a competitive event. This equipment is now used by sighthound people in various competitive lure coursing field trials and racing events. The equipment is also used by other dog owners for various reasons such as physical conditioning and for just the sheer enjoyment of watching a dog have fun. Lure coursing is "funnnnn" for the dogs...they do it because they want to run fast and chase an artificial lure...they cannot be forced to chase a lure.

The equipment is now used by several zoos to exercise and condition Cheetahs and African Wild Dogs. Falconers utilize lure coursing equipment to both train and condition their short wing hawks (those raptors that hunt game on the ground) and to perform educational demonstrations of a hawks hunting techniques and flight abilities without sacrificing live game.

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